Dr. Frederick Ware-Newsome

for Baltimore City Mayor 2020
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Dr. Ware-Newsome identifies education a key issue in mayoral race


Baltimore City schools are not performing at a level that is sustainable for the future advancement of our young people. We  have to help bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned. Our school systems have many flaws that my administration are prepared to fix and transform Baltimore City Schools to be extremely educational to meet the demands of the 21st Century. There will be a lot of changes, restructuring and in some cases promoting. It takes key elements to bring our city back to influential status with our youth and I have a plan to make that happen,.


 Dr. Frederick Ware-Newsome for Baltimore City Mayor is seeking endorsements for mayoral race


Endorsements is a positive spin and positive aspect of any Presidential/Mayoral race. Endorsements help to show who is with you in your endeavor for success in a particular office. Therefore Dr. Ware-Newsome is seeking endorsements from individuals and organizations who believe in or vision and goal to make Baltimore, "The Most Safest City in America" and "The Most Educated City in America". With your prayers and support we can make this happen together.

Baltimore City Mayoral Candidates looking to face off in future debates


Dr. Ware-Newsome states, there are many issues Baltimore's future Mayor has to contend with such as education, crime, jobs, healthcare and the economy.

Dr. Ware-Newsome knows that inorder to be a good successful Mayor in Baltimore City you have to know how to balance all these agendas and he feels he is the only one that has the experience and outline to deal with this type of high pressure cituation.

Dr. Ware-Newsome states, being Mayor of Baltimore is not for the faint of heart. He feels the person has to be equipped to deal with today's issues while making a strong stand for righteousness in Baltimore.


Dr. Ware-Newsome believes and know, he is your man and he would like to welcome you to the New Baltimore.