"I've been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. With over a decade of state government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the system and get things done."

Is a major issue here in Baltimore. In 2019 Baltimore has experienced and all time high in murders, per ca pita. In a city with slightly over 600,000 residents, Baltimore has proven to be one of the most deadliest cities in America. Therefore, below I have submitted my crime plan for Baltimore City.

First, I would add an additional 500 hundred police officers to the police force over the next 2 1/2 years. Second, I would make sure the Mayor's office, Police Commissioner, FOP, FBI, State Attorney's Office and the Governor's Office would work together to resolve crime in Baltimore. Third, I would do monthly follow-ups to make sure we reach our goals and objectives when it comes down to implementing procedures and policies to make sure they are adhered to. 


Is one of the major issues here in Baltimore. Portions of Baltimore have been deprived of economic advancement due to region or location in the city. We have to bridge the gap between the Have and the Have not's. This is an ill that is plaguing our city.

Therefore, my outline is to establish 200 to 300 smalls business each year during my administration to make sure community and regions in Baltimore City are brought up economically. Everyone in Baltimore City need to have the opportunity to have a good vibrant life. This is one of the most advantages outlines to date, where everyone citizen of the city is being counted as a citizen of the city.


Is major issue in Baltimore. There are thousands and thousands of abandon homes in Baltimore City. There abandon homes is a great eyesore in the city. This makes the city unsafe, uninhabitable and dangerous. The city has to be cleaned up and make citizens happy and enjoyable to live in Baltimore.

Therefore, we are going to implement our strategy to fix up every abandon home in Baltimore City. We are currently talking to individuals, companies and organizations now to begin buying and fixing up these abandon homes. Many citizens have left Baltimore and we would like all those citizens to return and make Baltimore their home again.


Has been an issue in this city for many, many, many years. Homeless citizens in Baltimore have been through many tests and trials in the city and they are losing. Many people and organizations have turned their backs on the homeless citizens. Unfortunately, many have died on the streets of Baltimore and the love and concern is not there for the people.

Therefore, the Ware-Newsome Administration has chosen to eliminate homelessness in Baltimore. We will allocate three million dollars each year to the relief of homelessness in Baltimore. I've seen homeless citizens sitting outside in the cold weather due to facilities stating there was no room for them in the facility. Also after a certain time the homeless citizens have to leave certain facilities at a specific time. Under Dr. Ware-Newsome this outline will never exist. Every citizen in Baltimore will be treated like every other citizen. We will build this city together and eliminate homelessness.


The environmental atmosphere around Baltimore is not healthy. There is constant trash dumping in the city which is not good for the citizens around the smell of this trash on a daily basis. Trash is mainly located in most low income areas of the city. Trash pickup is not picked up as regularly as needed. Eventually, this may lead to bad health for our citizens.

Therefore, we will have regular pickup days for trash while adding additional equipment to pickup illegally dumped trash in communities. We will pickup this trash on a daily basis. The additional equipment will be used to make sure our citizens is kept safe and have good, vibrant communities. We want a clean Baltimore and we will do it together.


Is majorly neglected in Baltimore. Our children are some of the lowest performing students in the country when it comes to certain subjects in city schools. Uneducated  communities, make for unsafe communities. Children who do not attend schools hangout in the streets. This is an unsafe environment in Baltimore City.

Therefore, we have chosen to revamp the Baltimore city school system. We need to find out why our students are not learning at the level or pace that other children are learning at. We are concerned if our children fall too far behind it will be harder for them to catch up, so we need to act now. Our children are our future.